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Order Verification Feature in the Branded SMS Pakistan App

Are you tired of receiving fake orders and dealing with a high order return ratio?
Our Branded SMS Pakistan App’s Order Verification feature will help you identify genuine orders. It will therefore minimize your order return ratio.

Methods of Order Verification:
Our order verification feature helps to ensure that you only fulfill genuine orders.
We offer two different verification methods which are:
Link-Based Verification: We send customers a message that contains a link. Once the customer clicks on the link, the order gets verified.
Screen-Based Verification: We display an OTP screen after customer places an order. The customer receives a code on their phone, which they enter to verify the order.

Benefits of Order Verification Feature:
Our Order Verification Feature is reliable, secure, and highly effective, providing the following benefits:
• Increased Customer Trust.
• Improved Order Accuracy.
• Time and Cost Savings.

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