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Order Notification Feature in the Branded SMS Pakistan App

It’s important to keep your customers updated about their order status. By sending notification messages, you can provide updates on various stages of the order process. Here are some important statuses you can share with your customers by using our Order Notification Feature.

Order Placed: When the customer successfully places their order, you can send them a message confirming the placement of their order.
Order Shipped: When your customer’s order is ready for delivery, you can send them a message to let them know that their order has been fulfilled and shipped.
Order Cancelled: If, for any reason, an order needs to be cancelled, you can send a message to inform the customer about the cancellation.
Payment Received: When the payment for the order has been successfully received, you can send a message to inform the customer that their payment has been received.

Benefits of Order Notification Feature:
By providing timely updates on order placement, shipment, payment, fulfillment, and cancellation, our Order Notification Feature offers the following benefits:
• Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
• Increased Trust in Your Brand
• Improved Communication

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