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Cloud Call Features

Experience advanced call recording, voicemail, and more,
ensuring exceptional client satisfaction and efficient communication.

Dedicated Number

Each agent can make and receive calls with the same dedicated number.

Call Transfer

You can quickly transfer calls from one agent to another.

Call Recording

Calls are recorded that you can download and export as well.

Voice mail

Your customers can drop voicemails for you, when you’re not available.

Extension to Extension Calling

Agents can directly dial one another extensions for free.

Multiple Agents

Many agents can make and receive calls at the same time.

Centralized Billing

Reduce extra billing by making bill payment using single number.

IVR Greetings

Welcome your customers with a recorded message.

Real-Time Call Logs

Keep track of all the call status through a real time dashboard.

Benefits of Cloud Call

Take a look at the key advantages that Cloud Call:

Flexibility and Remote work Support

Cloud Call systems enable seamless communication and collaboration for remote and distributed teams. Agents can make and receive calls from anywhere, allowing for flexible work arrangements and ensuring uninterrupted customer service even when agents are not physically present in the office.

Improved customer experience

Cloud Call systems offer features like IVR greetings and call recordings, enhancing the overall customer experience. IVR greetings provide a personalized touch when customers call, while call recordings enable businesses to review and analyze interactions for quality assurance leading to improved customer service.

Real-time Dashboard

The real-time dashboard provided by cloud call systems offers valuable insights into call activity, such as call duration and caller ID information. These analytics can help businesses monitor call volumes, identify peak call times, and make data-driven decisions to optimize resource allocation and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cloud Call

Cloud Call (Dashboard)


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