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DMA Radius

DMA Softlab RAdius Manager

It is an easy-to-use billing software for Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS, Chillispot, DD-WRT, pfSense NAS devices, and DOCSIS CMTS. It simplifies authentication, accounting, and billing in one place.

DMA Radius

Branded SMS your DMA Softlab Radius Manager

Branded SMS Pakistan offers a smooth integration with DMA Softlab Radius Manager, providing you with SMS capabilities to enhance your financial market access. With our SMS API, you can improve your operations and improve user engagement. When a new account is activated in DMA Softlab Radius Manager, our SMS service allows you to send instant activation notifications to users, ensuring a smooth onboarding process. Additionally, you can enhance security by sending verification codes via SMS for new account activations, adding an extra layer of authentication for user accounts. Our SMS service also enables you to send billing notifications to users, keeping them informed about their financial transactions and ensuring timely payments.

  • DMA Softlab Radius Manager New Account Activation SMS
  • DMA Softlab Radius Manager New Account Activation Verification Code
  • DMA Softlabe Radius Manager Billing SMS

You can use the below codes to connect your system through API.

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