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IVR Robo Call Pakistan WP Plugin

Do you need help with order verification process? You can quickly verify over 1000+ orders within a few minutes.
Branded SMS Pakistan has introduced IVR Robo Call Pakistan which is a WP Plugin that will help your Woo Commerce store to verify your customer orders quickly and easily.

Here are some Key Features:

• Custom Voice Over (English and Urdu): You can set a custom voice over in Urdu and in English, to automate the order verification process. Customers can verify or cancel their order by simply pressing 1 or 2 on their mobile phone keypad.

• Call logs: Through the call logs you can keep track of important information such as call duration, call status and caller ID.

• Manual Recalling: You can also call your customers manually. You can change automated calling to manual calling in the WP call settings.

• Follow-up Call: When the customer doesn’t pick up the call in the first attempt, you can set 3 more attempts. You can choose to try again after 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours.

• Break- Time: You can also set a Break Time, during which the customers will not receive any calls ensuring, they are not disturbed during certain time.

• Custom Voice Over on Incoming Call: You can set a custom voice over for incoming calls. When a customer misses your call and calls you back, they will be redirected to the verification process, avoiding any hang-up calls.

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