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H3 Cloud PBX Solution

Are you tired of dealing with outdated phone systems? Imagine a phone system that is flexible, cost-effective, and which requires no hardware.
Introducing H3 Cloud PBX which has a wide range of Features that can help you handle your business phone calls effectively.

H3 Cloud PBX Features:
Dedicated Number: Each of the agents can make and receive calls with the same unique dedicated number.
Call Transfer: You can quickly transfer calls from one agent to another if the first agent can’t help the customer.
Call Recordings: Calls are recorded so you can check whenever you want. You can also download and export the call recordings.
Voice Mail: Your customers can drop voicemails for you, in non-working hours or during holidays, when you’re not available.
Extension to Extension Free Calling: Agents can directly dial one another extensions without going through the main phone line and its absolutely free.
Multiple Agents: Multiple agents can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls at the same time with the same number.
Centralized Billing: You can reduce extra billing by simply making bill payment of your whole team of agents by using one number.
• IVR Greetings: Enhance the customer experience by welcoming your customers with a recorded message.
• Real-Time Call Logs: You can see detailed information such as call duration, call status and caller ID of all the incoming and outgoing calls through a real time dashboard.
• Business Analytics: You can get a detailed report on how well your team of agents is performing.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to use a Softphone?
A: Yes, a minimum of 2 Mbps internet speed is required.

Q: Is any hardware required to use a Softphone?
A: No, you do not need any additional hardware.

Q: Can I have a private dedicated number with a Softphone?
A: Yes, Softphones support private dedicated numbers.

Q: Can a Softphone be used on a mobile device?
A: Yes, a Softphone can be used on a mobile device through a SIP trunk.

Q: How long does it take to activate a Softphone?
A: Typically, it takes around 1 hour.

Cloud Voice PBX (Dashboard)

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