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IVR – Calls

IVR – Verification Calls

Boost the efficiency of your everyday voice interactions and build an IVR system that helps you to automate and streamline everyday customer service interactions and call handling processes.

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Increase conversions

The average open rate of SMS is 98%. Once you throw in personalization, keep your contact’s attention even longer.

Grow customer trust

Segment contacts based on past purchases, interests, and past conversations. Retain customers and build loyalty.

Simplify manual tasks

Import contact lists with custom fields to our portal. We’ll populate the SMS template for you, so you’ll just need to press send.

IVR – Calls Features

Improve customer experience with a professional,
self-service IVR system

Automatic Answers

Serve customers at scale with automatic answers, by pre-recording the most asked questions.

Segment And Prioritize

Quickly segment and prioritize calls based on topic and complexity – automatically forward critical calls to the right department and identify commonly asked questions.

Unique Voice

Give your brand a unique voice with your own personalized greetings, on-hold music, and menu instructions.

International Markets

Expand your business to international markets, with an IVR system that can support multiple languages.

High-quality IP Network

Strengthen your infrastructure by connecting to our high-quality IP network, using SIP Trunk.

DID Management

DID management facilitates adding and removing numbers from your calling system.

Order Verification and Confirmation

With Branded SMS Pakistan, you can have your consumers approved and validated automatically.

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Personalized Messaging

Ways to use

Tailoring your text messages will take your communication capabilities to the next level. Small touches can make a big difference.

Understanding of customers.

Social sharing and brand affinity.

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SMS payment reminders

Send direct debit notices or debt collection alerts via SMS. Tailor custom fields to include names, amounts owed, and due dates.

SMS marketing campaigns

Engage prospective and existing customers with personalized SMS campaigns. Segment contacts for even higher engagement.

Booking confirmations

Impress clients from the beginning of their experience. Give peace of mind by confirming names, dates, and times by using merge tags.

SMS-based surveys

Prompt contacts to give feedback via SMS. Include their name, service provided or item purchased, along with a unique survey link.

How it work?

Improve customer experience with a professional,
self-service IVR system

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