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Branded Name / Mask Registeration

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Brand Name Registration

To register your mask, please sign up. Creating an account is necessary to complete the registration process for your mask.

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Recent Changes in Mask Application

  • If your mask has previously been registered anywhere, you are only able to apply for a new masking; however, if you want the same title for the mask, you must deactivate the old masking. As per PTA, companies are not unable to deactivate their masking for now since it is now on hold for various reasons.
  • Mask can be use from any one aggregator, if required mask is already activated with any other service provider so we can not request for the same mask registration or you can request mask with different keyword.
  • If you don’t use your mask for 3 months it will be blocked by PTA automatically than you have to send masking request again and get your mask name again from the brand name registration request letter.

How to Submit Request

  • Generate a Request Format by using a Brand Name Registration Form
  • Print a generated format on your company/business official letterhead
  • Sign and Stamp the Letter. (you can use e-stamp and e-signature also)
  • Scan / take a picture of the letter
  • CNIC front and back copy/picture is required while processing the request
  • Sign in to portal, navigate to > Brand / Masking Request > Request New | URL:
  • Upload all the documents to the form, once it’s approved you will receive a notification on email

Submission FAQ’s

  • Domain Name is not allowed in Brand / Mask Name
  • Any government authority document required to process the request must mentioning the company name matching with the requested brand name. FBR NTN, SECP, Chamber of Commerce Document is Valid
  • Company name must match with requested masking. Search FBR record CNIC / NTN for details
  • Processing time is 10 working days

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